How to install a pocket door in your home

Folding door is a wonderful way to conserve room in your house. They push wide open and closed, instead of swinging wide open such as a standard door, which implies they don’t call for any other room in your space for launching. But because they’re not used as frequently as traditional doors, they are able to sometimes get overlooked and fall into disrepair. Here’s steps to make positive your pocket door keeps in good shape.

Washing the Tracks

Probably the most essential actions you can take to maintain your pocket door would be to keep your songs nice and clean. After a while, debris and particles can build-up on the keeps track of, that may increase the risk for door to stick as well as disappear the keep track of entirely. To clean up the songs, simply employ a vacuum using a brush accessory to take out any soil or dirt. You can even make use of a humid towel to clean down the songs. If you will find any obstinate locations, use a mild soap and water option. Make sure to dry the monitors completely before adding the door back upon them.

Lubricating the Tracks

Another necessary part in preserving your pocket door would be to lubricate the keeps track of on a regular basis. This will aid keep the door sliding effortlessly and stop it from attaching. You may use WD-40 or possibly a comparable item for this reason. Just spray it onto a rag and wash on the songs. It’s finest to do this every month or more, but you may have to undertake it on a regular basis living within an location with higher humidity levels.

Tightening up Screws and Hinges

During the entire life of your pocket door, anchoring screws and hinges can become reduce. This is especially true if you have young children who like to play with the door! Occasionally examine all of the screws and hinges on your pocket door, and tighten up them if necessary. This will assist stop the door from becoming misaligned and make certain it continues to function effortlessly.


By using these easy suggestions, you can keep your pocket door in great doing work issue for a long time in the future. Pocket doors are a fun way in order to save space in your home, however they need some special care in which to stay very good condition. Be sure you neat and lubricate the songs consistently, and look every one of the anchoring screws and hinges regularly to make certain they’re restricted. By taking these techniques, you can experience your pocket door for years!